What you need to Lose Weight and Keep it off

lose weight

What you need to lose weight and keep it off W- Workout Some people are looking for how to lose weight without exercising but they do not know the benefits of working out. Exercising helps you lose weight and improves your heart efficiency which reduces your risk of heart diseases. It makes you fit, lighter, […]

How to do Home Workout with Kids around

Home workout by mother and toddler

Safety Precautions to take when working out with children around Make sure you keep an eye on them at all times while you workout to avoid tripping over them during exercise. You may have to move around a lot and change positions, so make room. Keep heavy workout equipment such as dumbbells away and keep […]

ABCs of a Successful Weight Loss Journey

ABCs of weight loss journey

ABCs of a Successful Weight Loss Journey A- Accountability Be Accountable & be in control of your weight loss journey. It may include keeping and updating a weight loss journal or having an accountability partner who is interested in the same progress as you. B- Believe in yourself Tell yourself that you are capable of […]

How I lost weight (44lbs) at home- Must read!

weight loss transformation

No Kidding! I lost weight of about 20kg (44lbs) and 35 inches at home without going to the gym, drinking tasteless teas, following strict diet, taking any pill or even fasting. Let me show you how Visually comparing weight lost to 20kg bag of potatoes My Weight Situation As a mother of two amazing kids […]

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