How I lost weight (44lbs) at home- Must read!

weight loss transformation

No Kidding! I lost weight of about 20kg (44lbs) and 35 inches at home without going to the gym, drinking tasteless teas, following strict diet, taking any pill or even fasting.

Let me show you how

weight loss transformation

Visually comparing weight lost to 20kg bag of potatoes

My Weight Situation

As a mother of two amazing kids that I had via two consecutive C-sections, I packed so much pounds over a five year period. I was almost unrecognizable by friends and families who saw me at my heaviest of 194lbs (88kg). I lost my confidence and was so depressed. My work was physically demanding and my weight was getting in my way of delivering professionally. It looked like my whole world was crumbling before me and my health was deteriorating.

My severe back pain was worsened by a sedentary shift work and my BMI was in the obese region because I was too heavy for my height. I suffered ab separation due to childbirth, my body metabolism was so sluggish and I was getting breathless too quickly for low impact activities. I couldn’t perform my duties as a mum effectively because I could not keep up with the energy of the kids. I looked way older than my spouse who was way older than me and became the biggest in my family. I tried almost everything I saw online but none worked and I got frustrated.

The Turning Point

One day, I decided that all that sorry situation was going to change. I needed to do something drastic before my life vanishes before my very eyes. The turning point was when I looked at a video of myself at a gathering and saw how I looked like a trunkless elephant on two legs. I said to myself “that can’t be me”. My health was also impacted, my blood pressure was threatened and my back pain had worsened to the point of consulting a physiotherapist and orthopedic surgeon. I made a decision to transform my life and began the endless search on the internet on how to go about my weight loss journey especially during a lock-down due to the pandemic.

Guess What?

I was shocked at my findings. I figured out that people who want to lose weight have become victims of different weight loss outfits. The diet companies tell you that no amount of workouts will produce results while the gyms will tell you diets will do you no good. Tea and Pills promoters tell you to ditch both school of thoughts and offer stress free method. The surgeons advise you to stop wasting your time. Who do you believe? The category i found most irritating were some youtubers, those ones drive me crazy. You see things like “lose belly fat in 24hrs”, “lose 15kg in 3 days”, “how to remove double chin in 7 days”, “wrap your belly to lose belly fat overnight” Damn! information overload! I tried some of the tips but found out some were lies and others were not sustainable.

The Amazing Discovery

I had a breakthrough when I stumbled on a weight loss program that changed my life forever. I blessed the day i stumbled on the ad because i found out a fun way to lose weight at the comfort of my own home without gym equipment or outdoor jogging. Since I love to move my body and the program offered a fun way to workout through dance (something light), I dived right in. It cost a few bucks but I decided that a little financial commitment worth the price of a few pizzas would serve as a huge motivation. That really worked for me because being on lock-down at home was enough demoralization and following a free program might not have helped because they lack structure.

35 inches lost

Comparing Inches lost to when I first began my journey 4 months apart

The Solution

I signed up for fun workouts and got e-mail coaching on a daily basis. Through my determination and consistency, I lost my first 15lbs in 8 weeks and by the 5th month, I was 44lbs down, 35 inches smaller and currently sustaining my goal weight. I was connected virtually to a highly inspiring coach that shaped my thinking and nutrition. I adapted meal plans to suit myself, so no strict diet for me.

I was introduced to a loving, caring and supportive community of women of different shapes, sizes, races, ages and countries who were on the same weight loss journey and the encouragement and motivation I got was super amazing. We shared our success stories and got answers to all our questions. I had the opportunity of inspiring some women through my transformation story which I am sharing with you today. See snapshots below

Weight loss inspiration comments

My Weight Loss Gains

I lost weight and I also gained a lot of things that the scale does not show;
⦁ Proportional weight loss by losing 6.5inches each on my chest, waist and hips with a total loss of 35 inches all over.
⦁ Stamina, Endurance, Flexibility and Confidence.
⦁ Changed my wardrobe from ‘XXL’ to ‘M’ or (UK 14 to 8) (US 10 to 4) (EU 42 to 36)
⦁ My makeshift wedding ring became loose and my original one fit again.
⦁ My bust reduced naturally from a ‘DDD’ to a ‘D’ and i ditched bra extensions.
⦁ My blood pressure numbers were excellent, my doctor confirmed it looked like that of an athlete plus my back pain disappeared which meant no more visits to the Physiotherapist and Orthopedic surgeon.
⦁ I could conveniently tie my shoe lace effortlessly.
Scale and Non-scale weight loss victories

Scale and Non-scale weight loss victories

Why I achieved Weight Loss Results

I was able achieve the above massive results by making seven (7) major lifestyle changes.

  • I reduced my portion sizes generally and embraced more protein, fruits and vegetables.
  • I improved my hydration by drinking about 3 Litres of water per day.
  • I stopped carbonated drinks and juices and embraced healthier options
  • I did my fun workouts daily with one rest day for stretching.
  • I ensured no meals beyond 7:00pm in the evening
  • I changed my daily schedule to accommodate at least 7 hours of sleep
  • Finally, I was consistent with my journey.

These are high level summaries of how I lost weight, words will fail me in telling you everything I learned from this wonderful program that made me 10 years younger. You just have to experience it for yourself

Super fun way to wiggle away excess weight without realising it

What the Figure 8 Fitness Program has to offer

  • Fun workout routines
  • Varieties of about 200 videos that keep you interested in losing weight and sustaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Different duration of workouts that can fit into any schedule from 1min to 50 mins workouts
  • Daily email coaching to guide you through your journey
  • Nutrition blueprint with adaptable meal plan and counselling
  • Fun monthly challenges, surprises, fitness games and giveaways with opportunities to win cash and other gifts
  • Amazing support community – this is actually the best part of the program
  • Responsive App with download option so you can watch later without Wifi
  • Can watch videos on multiple devices and can screen mirror effectively
  • One time payment of preferred program
  • 1-month free trial to access other packages of interest
  • 60-day 100% money back guarantee

If you read this post up to this point, it means you are truly ready to transform your life for good. Congratulations!

There are only two things to do from here

Don’t take any action and go back to your old ways that never yielded results- those boring treadmills, expensive gym subscriptions, tasteless teas and starvation


Give your life a new meaning by signing up to a ‘TESTED’ and ‘TRUSTED’ fun program that will change your life forever! If this is your choice, then there is no time to waste. Hop on the winning train with over one hundred other women like you.

Sign Up for Figure 8 Fitness for Women

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Men can sign up for their workouts below

Home Workout for Men

Feel free to leave a comment below, ask questions, seek clarifications or share your own story. We would love to hear from you.


Testimonial 2

This program is awesome. I had to change my entire wardrobe after losing so much weight. I shrunk from a US 10 to 6 and my colleagues could no longer recognise me when I resumed after the lockdown. I feel lighter, better and sharper thanks to this fun program. Glad I took the best decision that changed my life forever.

Chloe / Facebook
Testimonial 1

Never knew I could lose weight at home without visiting the gym. I can’t believe the result I achieved in a short time. Lost 32 lbs and 22 inches in less than 3 months. I had maximum fun doing it and I am off my blood pressure meds. Thank you so much for your motivation and support

Jane / Facebook
Testimonial 2

Lost 40 lbs and counting….Reached my goal weight with this awesome program. My hardwork paid off because I got my confidence back. Thank you so much, will definitely recommend to colleagues, friends and families.

Grace / Facebook

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