How to do Home Workout with Kids around

Home workout by mother and toddler
Home workout by mother and toddler

Parents and Children Home workout

With all the fresh lock-downs and ‘stay at home’ orders, it has become imperative to workout at home to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, our amazing kids love to be a part of the show and may interrupt our exercise routines. We love them so much and can’t keep them away especially the toddlers and younger children because they mean well.

They occupy your yoga mats and get in between your legs while you workout. They even try to fondle with your dumbbells and resistance bands. Don’t get discouraged, the only way to create a win-win situation, if you cannot distract them with other activities is to recruit them as exercise buddies.

What makes Home Workout with kids valuable?

What’s in it for you?
  • It is an opportunity to bond with your kids
  • You will burn calories without realising how long you have been working out for because of the fun associated with exercising with your kids
  • You will be catching them young by teaching them a healthy lifestyle through exemplary leadership which will stick with them as they grow older
What’s in it for your kids?
  • They will have maximum fun with mummy or daddy
  • Home workouts can substitute for outdoor playtime that is being deterred by the pandemic situation.

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Two things will happen with this method of home workout with kids. It is either they enjoy the sessions with you and have fun or they quickly get exhausted and eventually settle for a snooze which will give you time to do more productive activities. If you are consistent, they will either continue with you all week long or they just let you be and give you freedom to workout without interruption.

How can you achieve this?

With the surge in online fitness instructors, it is likely that your coach is online and you are connecting via devices. If it is possible to project your workout to a large screen like a smart TV, then it will be easier to workout with your kids without much inconvenience. Home workout program like the popular Figure 8 Fitness offer apps and workouts can be screen mirrored to any device such as TV and laptops as shown below

Screen mirroring from phone to TV or Laptop

Sometimes, kids may not be interested in your workout but want to be present around you. If this is the case and they have their own devices, you can play their favourite videos and position their devices close to yours so they can catch fun in their own way which will get them distracted and they’ll eventually let you be.

You may ask, “how can I recruit my kids as exercise buddies?”

Get them age appropriate work out gears and equipment just like yours even it they are toys and they will never trouble you anymore. Get the following exercise gears for your kids

Click each image below to view options available for kids
[products ids=”467,477,479,471,485,483,626,629″ per_page=”55″ order=”desc”]

Safety Precautions to take when working out with children around

  • Make sure you keep an eye on them at all times while you workout to avoid tripping over them during exercise. You may have to move around a lot and change positions, so make room.
  • Keep heavy workout equipment such as dumbbells away and keep your eye on them when resting between intervals to prevent kids from lifting them without your consent.
  • Clear your workout area after exercising. Keep resistance bands and jump ropes away from their reach to prevent accidents associated with these gears when you are not watching.

No more excuses, get those workouts in , burn those calories and keep up with your healthy lifestyle.

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