What you need to Lose Weight and Keep it off

lose weight

What you need to lose weight and keep it off

lose weight

W- Workout

Some people are looking for how to lose weight without exercising but they do not know the benefits of working out. Exercising helps you lose weight and improves your heart efficiency which reduces your risk of heart diseases. It makes you fit, lighter, flexible, improves your stamina and confidence. Exercise helps manage your blood sugar and insulin levels. Carefully tailored exercises can help you correct your posture and ease body pains. Workouts come in different variations, levels and intensities, so there is no need to be scared at all. It could include the use of some equipment or not depending on your goals. It can range from mild walking to High intensity interval training (HIIT). To lose weight and tone up, you need both cardio and strength training. Look, being at home due to the pandemic is no longer an excuse not to get your workout in. There are fun workout programs that are tested and trusted with evidence of weight loss results. A good example is the Figure 8 Fitness program which I used to lose 44 lbs of weight at home in the shortest possible time.

E – Eat right

Your diet is as important as your exercise. To lose weight, you need to focus on healthy meals such as fruits and vegetables. Vegetables are going to provide lots of fibre and nutrients while not using up a ton of your now limited calories. Resist the temptation to snack on foods that are detrimental to your body. You do not need to starve to lose weight. Eating small portions of healthy meals frequently throughout the day will give you the needed calories for your body to function and boost your metabolism. Eat slowly because It takes about 20 minutes for your brain to get the message from your stomach that you are no longer hungry. Aim to always be on a calorie deficit to keep losing weight.

I – Information

We are different in our body types and health conditions, hence we need information about what strategies can work for weight loss. Lack of information can leave you jumping from one program to the other without getting results. The same weight loss strategy will not work for everyone. For example, a woman with ab separation from child birth needs to know exercises to avoid in order to prevent widening the gap. People with health conditions need to know the types of foods to eat or exercise intensity in order to prevent aggravating their conditions. However, you need to avoid information overload. Look for credible sites with fact-based articles to follow for your information e.g. Healthline, Women Health etc.

G – Goal setting

It is very easy to fall out of your weight loss journey if you do not set realistic goals. Setting goals push you forward, hold you accountable, informs your actions, help you set priorities, boosts your morale and help you track progress. Ensure that your goals are ‘SMART’ i.e. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound. An example of such simple goal could be “Lose 8 lbs in 2 months. This is very specific, it can be measured through body measurements and scales, it is realistic because it is practicable, it is achievable if you are committed and there is a clear timeline of 2 months. Set such small incremental goals at intervals to achieve results.

H – Hydration

Water is essential and contributes to your weight loss agenda. It is 100% calorie-free, helps you burn more calories and suppresses your appetite and cravings if consumed before meals. Dehydration can cause you to eat a bit more than you might normally. Aim to consume 2 to 3 litres of water per day to keep you hydrated all day long. Water helps to detoxify your system by getting rid of waste products easily and also improves skin health. Avoid sugary and carbonated drinks as much as possible because of their high calorie content. if you have trouble taking water, you can install water reminder apps to help you achieve your daily goals through notifications at regular intervals. If you find water uninteresting to drink, spice things up by infusing with healthy fruits and vegetables like lemon, ginger, cucumber etc.

T- Track Progress

If you are on an active weight loss journey, you need to keep a weight loss journal which implies taking notes on a pad or electronically. I can’t overemphasise the benefit of tracking your progress. A management scholar, Peter Drucker said “You cannot improve what you do not measure”. Tracking your progress through body measurements, progress pictures and weighing at regular intervals can help you understand your journey and let you know healthy habits to sustain or improve to help achieve your goal. Thankfully, there are several ad-free apps available in the appstores that can help you track your progress easily e.g. Shapez, Body measurements, etc.

L – Lifestyle change

Many people lose weight using different kinds of programs but are unable to keep it off especially when they get tired of following such programs. The truth is, only a lifestyle change can help you sustain your weight loss. You need to imbibe healthy habits that are sustainable such as avoiding sedentary lifestyles by being active, hydrating, eating healthy meals etc. A healthy lifestyle helps to improve your mental health and mood, helps keep you sharp, fit and increases your chances of living a disease-free life which improves longevity.

O – Optimism

You may have tried several things to lose weight which did not work. It doesn’t mean you can never lose weight. Try to stay positive always as this mindset is necessary for your success. A positive attitude towards your journey will keep you motivated and dedicated. Consistency is key to achieving your goal so you need to remain optimistic. You can do this! You’ve got this! Winners never quit and quitters never win. You will succeed if you do not give up.

S – Sleep well

Sleeping less can result to weight gain! Studies have shown that people who sleep less than 7 hours a day tend to gain more weight and have a higher risk of becoming obese than those who get 7 hours of slumber. It’s believed to be because sleep-deprived people have reduced levels of leptin (the chemical that makes you feel full) and increased levels of ghrelin (the hunger-stimulating hormone). Good sleep boosts immunity and mental well-being. It improves sexual health and wards off heart disease. Sleep gives your body time to recover and repair worn muscles which helps you burn calories in the process.

S – Support

It is easy to get fed up of a weight loss journey if you do not have the right support system. No man is an island and everyone struggles at some point in their lives. Joining a community of supportive people who are on the same journey with you can help boost your morale and keep you accountable. Weight loss and transformation stories of others can help to keep you inspired and assure you that you can achieve same. The weight loss journey does not promise to be an easy one, so you need all the help you can get.

These tips are by no means exhaustive. You can share your thoughts with us in the comment section below, we would love to hear from you. Check our blog for other interesting weight loss articles

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