Toy Barbell set from Liberty Imports for Children

Show your strength with this fun barbell set!

Take your kids to the gym with this awesome adjustable barbell set! Play with it at home or anywhere you wish to take it. This barbell set includes 8 weight plates, 1 barbell bar, and 2 lock collars. Place one, two, three, or four weight plates on each end of the dumbbell bar and lock it into place using the lock collars. The weight plates comes in 4 different sizes: small (150ml), medium (250ml), large (400ml), extra large (700ml). This barbell set starts at 1lb and can increase when it is filled with either water or sand. Not only is this toy barbell a fun way to introduce your child to proper exercise and weightlifting forms and routines, it also teaches them how muscles move and how the body works as they pretend to benchpress or powerlift Perfect way to slowly develop kids’ muscles. Barbell measures 32″ x 7″ x 7″. For Children Ages 3 to 8 Years Old.

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